Sharing stories to help improve your "bottom-line"; whether that is in your personal or professional life

Topics include:

Being fiscally fit (i.e. money)
Being physically fit
Being mentally fit

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Blake Aaron Day

"JP has been a tremendous help to me both professionally and personally. He has been a guiding light, Mentor, and friend ever since. Jonathan has given me critical professional insight and guidance when needed and also helped me find a well-balanced life with friends, family, fitness and work. Listening to his knowledge and wisdom, I have been able to navigate the complicated world of business, more than double my income within a couple years, and advance my career tremendously both with networking and wisdom. JP has become so important in my life that words cannot express." - Blake Day

"Jonathan Mills Patrick has impacted my life in ways that words cannot express, only emotion. I accredit much of my success to Jonathan's wisdom and compassion to help entrepreneurs without expecting anything in return. I have moved mountains since that day, and you will too if you hire him. God bless you, Jonathan." - Matt Tunstall