About JMP


Actually, this really isn't "about me". It's about you and the questions you need help with. But the only way to know if I can really help you is to better understand my background and experiences. So...

In hopes we can learn more about each other, here are a few that define me and some of my business background:

  • Proud husband and father

  • former C-level executive in the banking industry

  • Marketing degree and have run the Marketing Department for a $230,000,000 organization

  • Have helped entrepreneurs raise over $500,000,000 in capital between both debt and equity facilities

  • 3x startup founder. Each named "first-mover" in their respective industries 

  • Recognized for innovation in the banking industry for my Feasible Funding software solution

  • Recognized as the top executive in my industry in 2014

  • Former financial advisor 

  • Minor in Accounting

  • Helped multiple companies improve their sales and net profit by 10x factors

  • Led the top Small Business Administration (SBA) lender in my state for 4 consecutive years

  • Regular pitch competition judge and incubator mentor

  • Board member for the Fairview Technology Incubator

  • Board member to one of the first healthcare co-ops in the United States

  • Board member to the second largest credit agency in the United States 

  •  Full marathon runner, trail runner, and mountain biker

  • Former professional mixed martial artist (MMA) and undefeated in my weight class; trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the Gracie family; 1996 State Karate Champion

  •  Have coached multiple people through massive weight loss (50+ pounds)



My own startup gets national attention


Named a "million dollar idea" by BusinessInsider.com