Add this to your investor pitch deck when emailing it

So far this week we have talked about what you don’t and do need as part of your startup business planning.
The reason these documents are important is that you will often be asked to send them to investors just to get a meeting with them. Things like an investor pitch deck, executive summaries and projections are all part of standard investor due diligence.
But, what do you do when you aren’t able to meet with an investor in-person to present your investor pitch deck? How do you make sure that your message is properly being heard?
I have a little trick for you.

Add this to your investor pitch deck

I was once working with a healthcare startup out of California. Being in that part of the country you might think that in-person meetings with investors were easy to arrange. 
But many of the investors we approached wanted to see the investor pitch deck and projections before taking a meeting. This left the founder, who was an amazing presenter, concerned that his full message wouldn’t be heard.
So, how did we overcome this? 
I simply had the founder video himself doing the presentation and then we attached that video to the email that the documents were sent to the investor with. I
t worked like a charm. In fact, prior to adding the video, we have less than a 10% open ratio. After adding the video we had a 50% open ratio and of those, another 50% turned into follow-up, in-person meetings.
Granted this may not work for every entrepreneur. But it is worth exploring, especially if you are good in front of a camera.

Your turn

What other tips and tricks have you seen work for startups to ensure their investor emails are read?
Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below so we can all learn.

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