Co-founder responsibilities isn’t about experience

Assigning startup co-founder responsibilities

Startup co-founder responsibilities are often broken up between business and technical roles. While this can make sense in many situations, it is important that each startup founder doesn't get stuck working on an aspect of the business that 1) isn't a strength of theirs, even if they have the resume for it; 2) aren't willing to do.

The better way to go about assigning co-founder roles is to establish the strengths of each person, along with their willingness to take on a set of responsibilities. For example, if one co-founder doesn't do well interacting with the public then you probably don't' want them in charge of customer service. One pitfall to look out for with strengths is to make sure those aren't the strengths that each person feels they have. They should be strengths that have been identified by other people.


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