Email marketing best practices – leverage automation

Whether you are running a lifestyle business, a high-growth startup or are a corporate professional using email marketing best practices is critical to growing your own brand and that of your company. 
Ever since the growth in popularity of social media, some marketing experts have proclaimed the death of email marketing. While others, like Pat Flynn, have made it clear that they regret not using email marketing best practices to grow their subscriber list from the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. 
My challenge with email marketing was always the amount of work it took to manage the process. 
That was until I found the right service provider and started using automation to largely put my email marketing on autopilot. 

Email marketing best practices- use automation 

Virtually every email marketing provider gives you the ability to use opt-in forms for capturing subscribers. But after that the amount of functionality varies. 
When I first started my online business I went with Aweber. Even today, after moving to another provider, I am a fan of their product. My challenge was that they were lacking some functionality. 
My new provider, ConvertKit, not only has opt-in forms and follow-up sequences, but they also give you the ability to categorize subscribers based on an action they take (such as clicking a link in an email) and then automate your follow-up with them by immediately and automatically adding them to an email sequence such as a welcome email. 
It takes some work on the front-end, but think of all the time you will save on the back-end with having your provider manage the process rather than using your own time. 
One more thing before you go
Now, one word of caution. One of my other email marketing best practices is to not be a pest. In fact, all of my opt-ins say that my promise is “No spam, ever!”
So, I do my best to limit emails to my subscribers to pieces of content that I feel will really add value. 
I highly recommend you do the same. I have personally unsubscribed from more email lists than I can count because of the amount of messages I received. 
By the way, since you are a subscriber, how am I doing on that promise?

Your turn - tell me about our email marketing best practices

What are some other email marketing best practices you live by? 
Be sure to share them in the comments below so we can all learn from each other. 
*Note - I am a ConvertKit affiliate and receive a few pennies if you choose to try out their service. Rest assured I only recommend products that I personally use and pay for.

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