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I have had a lot of great mentors in my life. Many were the top performers in their respective spaces. Some have taught me what to do and others have taught me what not to do.

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Problems I solve

Bloated processes

Boring products

Disjointed strategies

Lack of funding

Need for data and research


"Jonathan Mills Patrick is truly gifted with words and has so much wisdom. Jonathan, you are one of the most knowledgeable people with sound advice that I know!" - Dan Rawls, 3x BNI franchise owner

"JP has been a tremendous help to me both professionally and personally. He has been a guiding light, Mentor, and friend ever since. Jonathan has given me critical professional insight and guidance when needed and also helped me find a well-balanced life with friends, family, fitness, and work. Listening to his knowledge and wisdom, I have been able to navigate the complicated world of business, more than double my income within a couple years, and advance my career tremendously both with networking and wisdom. JP has become so important in my life that words cannot express." - Blake Day

Blake Aaron Day

"Jonathan Mills Patrick has impacted my life in ways that words cannot express, only emotion. I accredit much of my success to Jonathan's wisdom and compassion to help entrepreneurs without expecting anything in return. I have moved mountains since that day, and you will too if you hire him. God bless you, Jonathan." - Matt Tunstall