#25 of the SouthFound podcast – Elliott Denham of GrowthEnabler

Ep. #25 of the SouthFound podcast - Elliott Denham of GrowthEnabler

This video was recorded for episode #25 of the SouthFound podcast. Please note that the video had some clarity issues.

This interview was with Elliott Denham of GrowthEnabler.com, which helps investors connect with startups, and vice versa, based on an AI-based scoring methodology.

Besides GrowthEnabler, Elliott and I talked a bit about his background. Which includes time in Dubai and China. Elliott then went on to get his Masters degree but decided that he wanted to focus less on business theory and more on actual strategy.

Finally, we talk a bit about the startup lifestyle. Including the reasons Elliott loves working from his laptop and how he views working as a team.

For more on Elliott, find him on Twitter. Learn more about what GrowthEnabler offers here.

Watch the interview here

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