Ep. #22 of the SouthFound podcast – Sanja Zepan of Homey

Ep. #22 of the SouthFound podcast - Sanja Zepan of Homey

The story of Homey, a financial literacy and savings app for kids, is a masterclass in startup validation.

Homey originally began as many startup ideas do, with founder Sanja Zepan’s desire to solve her own pain point. That pain point was the desire to encourage and reward her roommates to keep their shared apartment cleaner.

However, along the way she, and her co-founding roommates, noticed that their app was attracting a totally different target market. That market quickly took shape in the form of parents looking to encourage and reward their children for doing household chores.

Recognizing that this new target market was a wider audience, Sanja and her team decided to relocate from their home country of Slovenia to Memphis, Tennessee.

Listen in as Sanja talks about the journey Homey has gone through by talking and listening to their customers, why the South is a great place to launch and grow a startup and more.

You can learn more at homeyapp.net or download the app here.

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