Ninja-like Inbound Marketing lessons with Hubspot

Every year I set a goal of improving one professional skill. A few years ago the skill I chose was Inbound Marketing and sales. My decision to focus on those skills was simple. Any business, or any for-profit business, has to have the revenue to survive and I saw the importance of having a solid Inbound Marketing process in place.
I used this quote just the other day while talking to a client. Like many startup founders, they were getting caught up in trying to get their beta product perfect before putting it out in the marketplace. Another way to think of it is how Dan Rawls sums up sales.

Inbound Marketing - what it is

Inbound Marketing is such a big topic in the business world that there are virtually thousands, if not millions, of companies offering those services. One of the leaders is Hubspot and they define Inbound Marketing as “focused on attracting customers through relevant and helpful content and adding value at every stage in your customer’s buying journey.”
Or, as I might put it, if outbound marketing is in your face like it or not, inbound marketing is “are you looking for information about this? Here is what I know. If that helps you maybe we should do business together.”
Before we go any further, I am not a Hubspot partner or affiliate. However, I have used their services before while leading the Marketing department for a $230M organization I worked at. 
Back to the originally scheduled program.

Hubspot’s free certification program

Because they practice what they preach, Hubspot offers free content through an online certification program that teaches you the basics of Inbound Marketing.
The certification is delivered through recorded video lessons, as well as printable handouts, so you can learn at your own pace. 
I’ve enjoyed the first few sections so much that I even tweeted to the Hubspot team about the value their Inbound Marketing certification was providing. I have even been able to put some of the things I have learned into practice already, such as establishing my “buyer persona."
Your turn
Do you practice using Inbound Marketing techniques? If so, where did you learn them?
Be sure to leave your insights below so we can all learn from each other.

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