Interview: Justin Walpole of Ajax Intel, Inc. on the SouthFound podcast

Ep. #40 of the SouthFound podcast - Justin Walpole of big data solution Ajax Intel, Inc.

This interview was recorded for episode #40 of the SouthFound podcast

Justin Walpole of the big data company Ajax Intel, Inc.

Big data is, well, big these days. In fact, I recently heard a statistic that computer science majors with a focus on big data are one of the most sought-after college graduating employees to hire. That all comes as no surprise to Justin Walpole of Ajax Intel, Inc.

Big data employee to big data startup co-founder

Right out of college, Justin was hired by a super-regional financial institution to leverage his big data experience in their fraud department. While he loved the company he worked for, he was also interested in expressing his inner entrepreneur.
Meet Eva - deepening relationships through big data
Justin (CCO) and his co-founders, Jian Roachell (CEO) and Arpan Soni (CTO), have created a big data solution, sold through a software-as-a-service model, that uses big data to improve relationships between relationship managers and their clients. 
Called Eva, the solution is billed as an artificially intelligent client assistant that monitors conversations between relationship managers and clients to gain insights into the client’s sentiments and mood in real-time.
Originally the team wanted to use their big data experience to help improve the ability of stock traders to pick stocks worth investing in. However, through a series of validation exercises, they realized that financial advisors spend most of their time managing client relationships rather than picking investment targets for their clients.
While Eva is currently being developed for the financial advisory market, Justin notes that they see huge potential for the use of their solution across many channels where there is a relationship between a professional and their client.
Currently, the team is working on finalizing a paid beta with a financial advisory firm out of China. They are also looking to expand to other beta testing clients, particularly in the Southern United States.
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