Leo Knight of DBR Systems & Neighborhood Nerds

Ep. #32 of the SouthFound podcast - Leo Knight of DBR Systems & Neighborhood Nerds

This interview was recorded for episode #32 of the SouthFound podcast

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Focusing on the end-user and what they need is critical to a successful relationship
  • Being an entrepreneur doesn't always mean creating something new and innovative
  • Being around other entrepreneurs is key to growth as a founder

Leo Knight - a focus on the end-user turns into a thirst for entrepreneurship

Leo Knight's start in entrepreneurship came rather abruptly. After a dispute with his employer on how business should be done, the client he had been working with on behalf of that employer decided to offer him a six figure contract on the spot including providing Leo the equipment and guidance needed for starting a business. Thus, DBR Systems was born.
It isn't often that an entrepreneur's first business begins the very day they get laid off from a corporate job. So, how did he do it? It was Leo's focus on the end-user and the level of service he provided that lead to this opportunity. Being an engineer by trade, Leo admits he made a horrible employee because he wasn't willing to follow rules. However, he had always been willing to work hard and serve others. In fact, Leo says he "sees value in everyone".

Being around other entrepreneurs pays off

Leo recognizes that he may not be the definition of an innovative entrepreneur. Rather, he feels his skill is taking a business, process, or product improving existing models.

With that Leo and others decided to launch one of Knoxville's first entrepreneurial community in the form of Entrepreneurs of Knoxville. It was being part of this community that led Leo to the desire to create and improve upon other business models.

Enter Neighborhood Nerds

Next, a lot of requests from friends with their technology needs led Leo and a few partners to create Neighborhood Nerds. Which helps individuals and businesses with their technology challenges and currently serves over 400 customers.

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