The morning routine for startups – the dos and don’ts

The morning routine for startups

There is a lot of talk on the internet about the power of having a morning routine. In fact, most of the online entrepreneurs that I follow swear by this book. While I am not the type person that wakes up ready to go (in fact, my own morning routine is deliberately designed to let me ease into the day), I do believe in the importance of having a routine. Especially when it comes to your work day. 

So, if you are a startup founder what should your routine include? Should that morning routine be any different than someone in a corporate job?

Typical corporate routines you should avoid

Let's start here. If you are a startup founder or even an early startup employee your mornings should look different than most corporate jobs. In general, that is because you have much more control over how your day is structured.

Meetings are a good example of this, as many corporate jobs involve early morning meetings with direct reports and/or supervisors. Try to avoid morning meetings. Plenty of startups completely avoid meetings by instead using software like Slack to improve their communication. Corporations are known for having meetings to talk about their next meeting. 

Another place your early routine should differ is with email.  As an entrepreneur and startup, I recommend avoiding email in the morning. It can be a big time dump and distract you from your priorities.

Good morning routine habits

One place where your routine should look similar is in reviewing data from the previous day. Many corporations are big about monitoring progress through data. As a startup, you should be doing the same thing. The morning is a great time to review yesterday's data to see the progress you made. That could be the progress of projects, fundraising, revenue and more.

Your morning routine should have time carved out for a meeting with a mentor. If you don't have one, you are missing a key resource that can improve your chances of being successful.

If you are the type that is most creative in the morning, then this is a great time to put some energy into your marketing and product. But don't force it. If you are a night owl and your creative juices flow best at night then that is ok.

Your turn

Now it's your turn. Are you a morning person? If so, do you have a set routine you follow? Are there any other suggestions you have for other startups to consider? Is that routine any different if you are part of a startup versus in the corporate world?



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