Get expert advice from subject matter experts for the cost of lunch

I can directly attribute the success I have had in my professional life to the value of my network. In fact, my network has helped me work through some of the toughest business issues I have encountered. Many of those value-packed conversations have happened over coffee or lunch with peers or mentors. Since those sessions have been so valuable to me, I decided to see how I could help others in a similar fashion.

How valuable would it be to you, as a professional and/or business owner, if you could get topical advice from experts in a given area? What if, instead of advice from one expert, you could get a panel of experts to answer your question? All for the cost of coffee or lunch, which is normally less than the hourly rate of one consultant.

If a service like that would interest you, then we invite you to register to be part of our beta launch. Just enter your information below and watch for future announcements.



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