Online scheduling hacks – let artificial intelligence handle it

I was an early adopter of online scheduling services. It became just one more time suck that I outsourced to software.

It’s also because I can’t stand trying to schedule a meeting with other professionals. Inevitably we end up in a ping-pong match of emails trying to find the best date and time that works for both of us.

Unfortunately, most online scheduling solutions require that another person take multiple actions.

For example, I have used and continue to keep a free Calendly account. For what it offers it is a great product.

My problem with it is that anyone wanting to book a slot on my calendar has to go to my Calendly page, then scroll through the available dates and times, and finally pick one that works.

That doesn’t even consider what has to happen if a change needs to be made or the appointment needs to be canceled.

But it never occurred to me there was a better way.

Online scheduling with Sally

I have been studying how artificial intelligence and chatbots work for about a year now.

Then this summer had was lucky enough to do some marketing strategy work with a startup out of France that was using chatbot-style emails and artificial intelligence to coordinate online scheduling right inside a person’s email.

Ever since then I have been hooked on their product.

Meet Sally functions as your personal online scheduling assistant by sharing your availability when copied on an email. It’s that simple.

The solution is so smart that it can handle other pieces of the process such as recommending locations for in-person meetings or contact numbers for phone calls, all based on your preferences. Need to reschedule or cancel? Just copy Sally.

What I like best is that, other than picking one of the suggested dates and times, I am not asking the other party to do all the work. Nor do they have to leave our email stream in order to get something booked.

One more thing before you go

One thing you will want to be aware of, and this is true with any online scheduling software, is that it is up to you to make sure your linked calendar is up-to-date.

Solutions like Sally are only as good as the information they have access to.

Your turn - what do you use for online scheduling?

Do you use another provider for your online scheduling? If so, tell us about it and what you like best. If not, you should look into it.

Be sure to leave your insights below so we can all learn from each other.

*Note - I am a MeetSally affiliate and receive a few pennies if you choose to try out their service. Rest assured I only recommend products that I personally use.

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