Samantha Lane of time management startup Origami Day

Ep. #33 of the SouthFound podcast - Samantha Lane of Origami Day

This interview was recorded for episode #33 of the SouthFound podcast

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • You should always play to your strengths, even when they vary
  • Time management isn't about creating the ability to do more, but to have more life balance
  • Life isn't about jumping into a cog and living a deferred life

Samantha Lane of Origami Day - "change is my comfort zone"

Like many children of military families, change is inevitable. So, for Samantha Lane, it has become her comfort zone. It would have to be since she has experienced some pretty scary health issues.
Eleven years ago Samantha broke her back. This led her to a self-imposed journey of figuring out how to rehabilitate herself (much like former SouthFound guest Jessica Harthcock). It also led her to an interest in fitness and wellness, which she currently coaches clients on. Then, 4 years ago, Samantha had another health scare that opened her eyes to how life should really be.

A cog in a wheel?

After Samantha's latest injury she realized that people tend to "take on too much and forget why we are here". So, in order to help get her life in order, she began prioritizing her days to allow for time to be a professional but also time to live her life the way she wanted. Being a bit of an organizer, Samantha kept looking for ways to improve her time management skills. Unfortunately, none of the time management solutions on the market fit the bill.

So, like many entrepreneurs, it was time to solve her own pain point.

Origami Day comes to life

Samantha already had a solid background in communications, public relations, and business development. She had even had small lifestyle businesses before. But this time she decided to turn an idea into a business.

While looking for time management solutions she decided that they all fell short. On top of that, as a professional woman, Samantha didn't need "kittens and unicorns on my planner". Instead, she created a simple, foldable guide that would later be known as Origami Day.

While participating in the Knoxville "What's The Big Idea" startup competition she was able to get the business off the ground and running. Since then Samantha has been taking on consulting clients and is nearing the launch of a time management annual planner based on her Origami Day principles.

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