Does social media marketing really pay off? It might if you do this

I have a dirty secret to share. I am not entirely sure that all the effort professionals, including myself, put into their social media marketing pays off.

There are plenty of case studies showing how social media marketing has driven revenue up for some companies. But for the majority of businesses, I wonder what the real ROI is for all the time spent creating posts, sharing them, watching their performance...rinse and repeat.

After all, the amount of noise on most social media platforms is astounding. Good luck breaking through that.

On a personal level, I can tell you that in my first few years of social media marketing I rarely saw solid results. Some of that was due to my slow learning curve. But some of that was because I wasn’t using automation to my benefit.

Social media marketing and automation

First, let me say that there are some pieces of your social media marketing efforts that shouldn’t be handled by a piece of software, i.e. automated. For example, leaving generic comments on a person’s post because they used a keyword your software was watching for.

But, there are pieces of your social media marketing plan that can benefit from automation. For example, setting a post to be delivered at a set time.

Or even better, republishing your very best, most popular content on an on-going basis.

Now that is pure gold. And for that, I use SmarterQueue.

Since signing up for SmarterQueue my social media marketing results have jumped significantly. Granted some of those metrics include are so-called “vanity metrics” like likes and retweets. But those type of interactions have helped increase my reach and have brought me into contact with business opportunities.

Your turn - what social media marketing services do you use?

Do you use any type of social media automation services? If so, why did you chose that solution?

Be sure to leave your insights below so we can all learn from each other.

*Note - I am a SmarterQueue affiliate and receive a few pennies if you choose to try out their service. Rest assured I only recommend products that I personally use and pay for.

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