The 4 stages of startup ideas – my process for launching

The 4 stages of startup ideas

If you are like me, whenever you have a new idea, your brain can get a little clouded with the next step(s) for your startup ideas.

Because of that, I have developed a four-stage approach to working on my startup ideas.

Those stages include:

  • Ideation: where you are fleshing out the customer's pain point, your solution to that pain point, and how you will monetize the idea
  • Validation: where you talk to as many potential end users as possible to make sure that there is enough market demand for your proposed solution
  • Execution: where you are putting your minimum viable product out into the marketplace, make sure you avoid perfection here
  • Reiteration: where you are continuing to get customer feedback and are making adjustments to your MVP, plus building out versions 2 and beyond


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