The role of a startup landing page in validating of your idea

Startup landing pages are a great way to validate your idea

The importance of spending a lot of time on validating an idea has been a common point made by almost all of the startups I have interviewed as part of the SouthFound podcast. It is so important, that my former startup co-founder, Frank Podlaha, says that he is still spending time on validating the direction of StreetJelly even though he is three years into the business.

So, clearly, validation is not to be taken lightly.

Just about a month ago I started mentoring a young entrepreneur named CM. We had connected online through my offer to provide startups some free consulting. CM's idea is to provide sports fans the ability to stream their local sports teams (think your local high school football team) live or on-demand.After our first call together I suggested CM complete a business model canvas. Our second call together resulted in me sending CM off to validate his idea. 

After a few weeks, I got the following email from CM.

"I've been thinking of putting together a startup landing page while I'm working on the beta. What do you think?"

Startup landing pages are a great way to help validate an idea. So, I was all for CM setting one up. In fact, you can find it here. However, there are a few things to consider. 

First, don't use your startup landing page as an excuse to avoid actual conversations with customers. Second, while getting people to register by sharing their email is a great way gauge interest, it doesn't mean they are willing to pay for your service. So, when using registrations from a startup landing page to project users be sure to discount that number heavily.

There are a couple of other things to keep in mind. Like keeping your landing page simple. Also, be sure to set up a follow-up drip campaign to stay in touch with people while you are building your beta product. This is actually something I have suggested that CM change about his page.

Finally, if you'd like to see some other startup landing pages evaluated, check out this article on the 500 Startups blog.




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