Season 2 of the SouthFound startup podcast is live!

Season 2 of the SouthFound startup podcast is live!

Welcome back to the SouthFound podcast! After about 6-8 weeks away, I decided to come back for a second season based on the kind feedback I received.

So, first a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to give me positive feedback or, more importantly, left a review on iTunes. Also, the podcast is now available on Google.

Over the next 19 episodes, I will be featuring some of the coolest entrepreneurs and startups from the Southern United States. Interestingly enough, the South has been getting some really positive mention across the startup ecosystem lately.

I'd like to help keep that momentum going, so if you know of a startup from the Southern U.S. that has an interesting story, please encourage them to submit their information for possible inclusion in a future episode.

One final note - I have decided to launch the SouthFound Online Business Incubator. While there are plenty of accelerator and incubator programs throughout the Southern U.S., I wanted to create an opportunity where any type of entrepreneur can get the help they need. If you are looking for guidance, please consider applying for our next cohort!

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