Interview: Karl Hughes of The Side Project Marketing Checklist

Ep. #38 of the SouthFound podcast - Karl Hughes of The Side Project Marketing Checklist

This interview was recorded for episode #38 of the SouthFound podcast

Karl Hughes of The Side Project Marketing Checklist

Karl Hughes has known he was interested in entrepreneurship and startups since his college days at the University of Tennessee. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Karl thought that a corporate job was in his future. So much so that he took a total of three internships with large engineering firms.
Eventually, Karl admits to getting caught up in the energy around startups. 
His first dip into the startup world was an idea to change how university news reporting was done. Originally called Vol Blogs, the idea was able to place in a local pitch competition which included a cash award. From there the platform grew until it was merged into ULoop, a platform that is still alive and well today.
Still intrigued with building a startup career, Karl next went to work as the fourth employee at Packback. Which raised its original seed capital from Mark Cuban after an appearance on Shark Tank.
More recently, Karl has landed as CTO at The Graide Network, which connects K-12 teachers with qualified teaching assistants to grade work and provide feedback on student assignments.
Always the creator, after experiencing and working through his own pain with Marketing various side hustles, Karl has launched the Side Project Marketing Checklist. The checklist walks entrepreneurs through chronological order of the Marketing efforts Karl has tested with his own projects. Those that worked are included, which Karl suggests should be tested again and then repeated.
Karl’s other lessons on the entrepreneurial journey include maxing out one niche before moving on to another, embracing your strengths, and to remember that as an owner you are building an asset versus being an expense as an employee.
Finally, Karl references a good book for startups that struggle with the challenge of a two-sided market. You can find that book here.

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