Are sites like Udemy the new online professional classroom?

Of the many passive income streams I have in place, my Udemy courses have been a staple provider for years now. But Udemy isn’t just a website I use for generating revenue through online courses for my business. It is also a place I go to for learning new skills.
Actually, I decided to record and sell my own courses on Udemy only after I was already a student of other professional’s courses. 
As I mentioned earlier this week, in my article about free online programming courses, I knew early on in my startup life that I wanted to have at least some level of technical skills. Besides learning some basic programming skills, it was also recommended to me that I learn more about database management and SQL. 

Are sites like Udemy the new professional classroom?

While I was taking some courses on those topics I also became curious about what other types of courses were offered on the Udemy site. The variety is nearly endless.
Here is a list of some of the classes I have signed up for:
  • Photography (on Udemy, but here is another resource I recommend)
  • Basic Programming with HTML and CSS
  • Database Management and SQL
  • Real estate investing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Writing better articles (not sure this one is working…)
  • Speaker training
Now, keep in mind that all of the courses are not free. Many certainly are free or low cost. The site runs regular promotions were they discount courses by up to 90%. So, it is common to be able to get a three-figure course for as low as $10. That may not be free, but for a quality course on a topic you need to know more about it is pretty close.
Your turn
Are there other websites, like Lynda, that you use for free online courses or even sell your own courses on? 
Be sure to leave your insights below so we can all learn from each other.

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