Interview: Flora Ellis of Unveil Events on the SouthFound podcast

Ep. #39 of the SouthFound podcast - Flora Ellis of Unveil Events

This interview was recorded for episode #39 of the SouthFound podcast

Flora Ellis of Unveil Events

Getting married can be a pain.
I’ve been through it myself. But luckily, Mrs. Patrick decided to keep things simple. Yet even then, managing the process wasn’t easy.
Flora Ellis experienced just how difficult it can be to manage all the “to-dos” that come along with planning a wedding and knew there had to be a better way. Thus, Unveil Events was born.
Unveil Events uses software to help brides turn the wedding planning and management process into “just fun, no stress”. Services include the ability to plan the wedding on your own, but with the help of their software platform, or you can hire an Unveil Events planning concierge to take the burden off your shoulders.
With an impressive background, including an education from Princeton and Harvard Business School, you might think Flora was destined for entrepreneurship. But that wasn’t always the case. 
Instead, she spent time in Silicon Valley advising startups through careers with McKinsey Consulting and time at a venture capital firm. 
Additionally, her time as a product manager at SalesForce has helped Flora and her business partner keep the product development life cycle and need for customer validation in the forefront of their minds.
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