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What is cornerstone content?

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Cornerstone content plays a key role in writing blogs and having that content discovered. Unfortunately, this isn't a topic that I was completely aware of. So, shame on me. Bad marketer. In fact, it took some help from one of my favorite Wordpress plug-ins to even wake up to the idea. 

I have used the Yoast plug-in for a few years now to help measure my search-engine optimization when writing blogs. Just the other day I noticed a new option in the SEO formatting. Right below where you set the keyword for your post you can also set an article as a piece of cornerstone content.

Yoast SEO cornerstone content option - JonathanMillsPatrick.com
Yoast SEO cornerstone content option - JonathanMillsPatrick.com
So, what is cornerstone content? According to Yoast themselves, cornerstone content is a piece of content that you are "most proud of". Think of these pieces of content as the pieces that you want your prospective readers to find and read the most.

How does cornerstone content work?

A few things happen when writing blogs that you mark as cornerstone content. First, if using their plug-in, Yoast gives any piece of content that has the cornerstone box checked a boost in terms of SEO. Secondly, they help you with your internal linking back to other key pieces of content on your site. Finally, any content that you have marked as cornerstone gets priority over other pieces. So, be careful in selecting which pieces of content to make cornerstone. In fact, according to Yoast, the rule of thumb is to have up to five different pieces of cornerstone content on your site.

Share a piece of your cornerstone content with me

If you have a piece of cornerstone content that you are particularly proud of I'd love to see it. Just drop a link to it in the comment box below.




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