From Software Engineer to Commercial Loan Broker

From Software Engineer to Commercial Loan Broker


Ruud Erie is a software engineer who has recently started a commercial loan brokerage firm. His approach to warming cold emails is worth listening to.

Welcome to a special edition of the newsletter.

This week I got the chance to interview Ruud Erie.

Ruud ("Rude") is a software engineer living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, who has experience in freight brokering and owning commercial real estate.

Recently he took my Commercial Loan Broker in a Box course after discovering the opportunity that the industry offers while building software for finance companies.

He and his team, 👋Isis, have developed a unique approach to marketing their business. Leveraging Ruud's software background, they are utilizing cold emails to attract borrowers. But, those emails aren't as cold as you'd think.

In this interview, we talk about how Ruud uses a service to "warm up" his emails to prospects.

For those of you interested in email marketing, this interview is a must!

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