Custom business plans & pitch deck

Custom business plans and pitch decks for use in attracting investors and/or business loans.

💸 My business plans and pitch decks have helped founders raise millions.

Ok, that's actually an understatement. But, you wouldn't believe me if I said I've helped companies raise over $800,000,000, right?

It's true.

📝 Whether you need investor funding or business loans, such as SBA loans, you will need a quality document that tells the story of your business.

🎯 Get the funding you need to grow your business!

Don't let a lack of funding be the barrier between your startup and success. Your dream deserves to become a reality – let me help you make it happen!

💪 Here's the experience you'll be leveraging:

✅Former C-level banking executive

✅Former 3x startup founder; my first startup reached members in 45 countries

✅I have a Marketing degree with a Master's in Entrepreneurship

✅I led the top SBA lender in my state

✅I was a Director of a large startup incubator

✅I performed all the startup due diligence for one of the largest angel investing syndicates in the Southern U.S.

✅I've invested in startups.

💡 Did I mention I can help you find investors and lenders?

I have a network of over 200+ capital allocators, both investors and lenders, that I can introduce to you.

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