Go-to-Market Made Easy: Your Roadmap to Customer Acquisition

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Having a bulletproof go-to-market plan starts before you begin building your product.

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Want to sell more? You need a bulletproof go-to-market plan

In my day job I lead a team, of now 24+ after taking on six more team members just this week, of product managers. Their job is to steer their products through a cycle of work often called the Product Development Lifecycle, or PDLC.

You might think that term is all about engineering. It’s not. In fact, in my Bookends of Product Management framework, I’ve been calling out that is it the bookends where most products fail.

Those bookends represent go-to-market activities that most founders ignore. Which causes their products to fail.

Having a bulletproof go-to-market plan starts before you begin building your product.

I recently built a presentation for The Works startup accelerator session I’m leading in July.

I decided to go ahead and record a separate version for my YouTube channel.

In this video I’ll show you:

  • Key Ideation and Validation Methods
  • Tips on customer journeys
  • The Parts of a Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Pricing frameworks and strategies

Please enjoy.

What I'm consuming

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you may, or may not, have noticed that my brand has evolved. A lot. Probably too much. Because of my eclectic background, there are a lot of things I have deep experience with.

The perfect example is that I’ve been both a Finance executive and a Product executive in my career.

That has made it difficult to answer when asked what I do.

To complicate that even more, I’ve also been a 3x founder, director of a startup incubator, startup analyst for a large angel investing syndicate, and startup investor.

So, I’ve been diving back into my personal brand.

I recently reached out to my friend Mark Schaefer to get his input. He recommended I go back through his book, Known, and then we plan to grab lunch and talk things through.

If you’ve ever struggled with clearly defining your personal brand, I’d encourage you to check out Mark’s book. I am not an affiliate, so there is no compensation passing hands.

P.S. This book will be the first set of book notes on my upcoming new Book Notes page. Be sure to bookmark it for future book reviews and notes.