I'm going back to my roots

I'm going back to my roots

I'm returning to my financial roots with the goal of helping others become financial free

Since I entered the workforce, every personality quiz or career counselor has told me that I am a fit for the financial advisory industry. The older I get, the more I realize they were right. So, I am returning to my roots and opening up a financial advisory practice with the mission of helping others become financially free.

I have spent the better part of the last ten years managing my or my family’s money with fantastic results (even in down markets), and I am also consistently getting asked for financial advice from my friends and professional network.

Here is what I know about money - taking control of your financial future is life-changing.

Here is where my own journey began.

In 2001 I returned from working in Japan. I had agreed to a one-year contract, but things were not working out like I thought they would. Plus, right before I was supposed to move halfway around the world, I started dating my wife.

I remember first calling my father to get his advice, and then my girlfriend, now wife, to tell her I was coming home. I told her I wanted to return to my roots. I wanted to go home to Tennessee and the people who mattered the most in my life, my family.

The first job I got when I returned home was as a financial advisor. After about six months in the role, I got an offer to work for a regional bank shortly after obtaining all of the appropriate licenses. That choice put me on my current career path.

I’ve always been interested in the financial markets. Whether as a C-level banking executive or while managing my or my family’s money. I don’t mean as a casual observer or investor who buys stocks or Bitcoin because they are the latest hot thing. I take the time to study individual investments. Whether that be mutual funds, individual stocks, startup investments, etc.

That is one place where I know I am different from most who provide financial advice. Even the certified financial advisors that I know, and I know a lot of them. The paid professionals aren’t actively managing your investments for you. Including when that money is in so-called “managed accounts.”

How do I know that they aren’t actively managing your money? During the most recent market downturn, the advisors I know made zero changes to the investment portfolios I am associated with. So, I adjusted my own investment accounts when I saw the markets heading toward headwinds. Although my balances have gone down as a total, they are not down nearly as much as the accounts the paid professionals manage for me.

I watched as the U.S. economy headed toward a recession (typically defined as two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth). I couldn’t help but think how many people watched their retirement accounts get obliterated. Years of diligent investing were gone in a matter of months.

Even worse, how many people are overwhelmed when trying to understand financial management? Even during good economic times.

It is thoughts like that that bother me. They also fuel me. They fuel me to want to help as many people as I can experience life without stressing about money.

So, I’ve decided to return to my roots.

If you need help taking control of your money, I am here for you. I don’t care if you have $1 or millions of dollars.

My approach may not be perfect for everyone. Because it is going to take some discipline. But, if you’d like to talk and learn more about my approach, then my calendar is yours. Just click the link below to schedule some time for us to connect.